Remove Hairspray Buildup From Ceramic Tile

Remove hairspray buildup from the bathroom floor with vinegar.

Cleaning and maintaining Tile materials

Cleaning and maintain wall tiles and floor tiles is vitally important in order to keep them clean and looking new. When tiles are first installed they look clean and bright but it doesn't take long before grease and dirt builds in the grout areas and on the tiles but if they are cleaned regularly, your tiles will remain pristine, hygienic and clean.

Wall tiles, especially in the kitchen are more likely to become greasy and dirtier quicker, especially around the cooker hob where splashes of dirt will happen naturally as part of everyday life.

The products you use for your tiles will differ from tile to tile and some tiles work well with some substances and others not so well. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are very versatile tiles and are relatively easy to clean and maintain providing you clean them regularly to maintain their appearance. There are many tile cleaners that are specifically designed for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles but any lose dirt should be removed before applying any cleaning substances. Once the dirt has been removed, the area can be mopped until clean and then dried with a towel.

For extra dirty areas such as around baths and behind sinks a neutral ph cleaner can be used to remove stubborn stains. Many home owners find using an old toothbrush or cotton bud is a useful tool in order to get in between tiles and along grout lines.

Natural stone tiles are beautiful but some special cleaning methods are advised with certain natural stone materials. Granite tiles are incredibly strong and durable and if sealed will be very well protected. Always use a cleaner that is designed specifically for Granite material and clean your tiles regularly to ensure there is no build up of dirt and grime.

Limestone flooring is a little more delicate than Granite tiles but again there are specific cleaners that are designed specifically for this material. Home owners do have to be careful not to use any acid based products on Limestone material as this will break down the tiles and damage and alter their appearance.

Marble material will almost certainly be sealed in order to protect it but Marble can be a very porous material and home owners need to be very careful what substances they use. A neutral PH solution is probably the best solution to use as this will not damage the tiles. Always be sure to dry your marble thoroughly after cleaning as water marks will appear giving the marble a blotchy appearance.

Slate flooring and slate material can be delicate and all substances should be carefully considered before use. Some owners simply use warm water to clean their slate tiles and because slate can be porous, using warm water is often a good cleaning technique.

Cleaning and maintaining your tiles regularly is always a good idea in order to keep them clean and looking good but always consider each tile and the cleaning solution you are using before applying to the area to ensure you are using the correct one.

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